Tosster is a free Arcade physics game that challenges you to throw floating food into a basket using a slingshot mechanic, featuring an endless arcade-style gameplay with each level getting more and more difficult to complete as you progress.
Too difficult? No worries – you’ve got a set of power-ups on your side, ready to save the day and help you pass seemingly impossible challenges.
What are you waiting for? Buckle up for a tasty adventure in a fun and colorful world full of surprises.

Available for Android and iOS

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  • Simple and intuitive one-finger gameplay.
  • Wacky constraints to make the levels challenging.
  • Points rewards for style – you get a higher score for landing combos, doing moonshots, tossing food without touching the basket, landing food after it bounces on the basket, solving levels with no mistakes, etc.
  • Tricky objectives for earning Shinies (the in-game currency).
  • Shinies help you unlock a variety of colorful backgrounds and skins to change the look of Tosster.
  • Get ingenious power-ups to help you get out of hard levels and continue playing.
  • Interesting science-y food facts at the end of each round, so that you can learn more about what you eat and also be the interesting person at a party.
  • Gather your friends to play and receive free Shinies for every 4, 7 or 10 people you bring along.
  • Not ready for the real deal? Train your skills in a calm and forgiving Practice mode.
  • Achievements and leaderboards so that you can show John who is the real king at this game.
  • Cloud game backup so you can recover your progress in case you reinstall, OR play on all of your devices by synchronizing your progress across them!.




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