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1How is my progress saved?
The game progress is saved on your device, but if you are connected to the Internet, you may synchronize the same saved game across all the devices that you own, as long as they are connected to the same Google Play / Apple account.
If your game was previously saved to the Cloud, you may synchronize that save file on any one of your devices, as long as they are connected to the same Google Play / Apple account.
This is great if you've reinstalled your game or want to play on multiple devices at different times.
Please note that synchronizing overwrites your current save file with the latest file that was sent to the Cloud by one of your devices.
If the game lags too much on your device, you can check "display in low detail" to ease off the stress on the hardware and get an improved framerate.
4What are Shinies? How do I get them?
Shinies are the game’s currency.
You can get Shinies by completing in-game objectives.
When you lose, your total score will award you a certain amount of Shinies.
You can then use Shinies in the shop to buy or upgrade power-ups, or buy backgrounds and skins.
You may also acquire Shinies via an In-App Purchase. To do this, press the big plus sign next to your Shinies count, in the bottom-right corner of the in-game Shop.
WARNING: This costs real money!
5What is "Friend rewards"?
"Friend rewards" is a Refer-A-Friend system which helps you earn shinies depending on how many of your friends play Tosster and register you as a friend based on your referral code.
You can share your referral code on your favorite social channels using the "Share code" button.
A player can register only one friend.
6What are skins? How can I change the skin?
Skins can be used to change the overall look of the food and basket.
To buy or switch the skin you can go to the in-game Shop and scroll down to the Skins category.
7How can I change the background?
To buy or switch the background you can go to the in-game Shop and scroll down to the Backgrounds category.


1What happens when I stop playing?
You may at any time return to the title screen without any worries. Your progress gets saved so that you can continue from where you left off.
2I accidentally checked "Do not show this tutorial again" without reading it, what do I do?
Go to Options, check "Reset tutorials" and save your setup. This will bring all tutorials back.
3I can't install the game
Please make sure that your device is supported. You need a phone/tablet with enough free memory space, and at least:
1 GB of RAM
960x540 (qHD) screen resolution
4The game crashes when I start it
If this happens, please reboot the phone and try launching Tosster again. If the problem still persists, you should try reinstalling it.
If it still does not work, your device's hardware and/or OS flavour might not support the game.
You may, at any time, request further information about compatibility issues by using the contact page
5I own multiple devices
Great! You can use the Cloud saving functionality to synchronize your progress across all your devices. Make sure you use the same Google Play / Apple account, this way you can share your progress across all of them.
6Do I need an always-on Internet connection to play?
While you may play the game offline without any problems, being connected to the Internet will give you the following advantages:
- Achievements & Leaderboards
- Cloud saving, so that you can synchronize your game progress across all your supported devices.
- Friend rewards.
7My Shinies purchase did not register
When successfully buying shinies, the game will display a "Thank you" message.
In very rare cases, the Shinies you just purchased may not appear in the game.
There are two reasons why this might happen:
1. The purchase has failed to complete (no money have been charged):
This can happen because of either an internal service error, wrong password, insufficient funds, wrong credit/debit card configuration, etc.
If this is the case, the in-app purchase pop-up should report an error, and the game will display a message with the text "Purchase failed".
In this case, you should verify your internet connection, login and card credentials, and try again.
2. The purchase has completed successfully, but the game did not register it:
A successful payment will be indicated by the purchase pop-up displaying the message "Payment successful".
The Shinies might not get registered because the game has either crashed, or there was a network error.
To solve this problem, you should first reboot your phone and check your internet connection. Afterwards, launch Tosster and enter the in-game Shop. A message about a previous purchase being restored should show up, and your Shinies should now register.
If the above method fails, you can contact us providing the order details and we'll do our best to help you solve your problem.
8Who do I contact if I want to report an issue or have suggestions?
If the FAQ section has failed to help you in solving your problem, you can always ask us for more info by submitting a request using our contact page.
We'll review your request and get back to you as fast as we can.
9Why isn't Tosster available for my mobile device?
We developed the game to be compatible with as many devices as possible, but there are phones which do not meet the minimum requirements for the game to run. If your phone has 1GB of RAM and a screen resolution of at least 960x540 (qHD), then you should be able to run Tosster without any problems.



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