So you're trying to play but something is bothering you. We're here to help! Grab a snack, give this guide a read, and you'll hopefully find the answer to your problem.

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1What is "Flow" anyway?
Polymorph is designed to be a calm game that puts no pressure on the player. This is why a traditional "scoring" scheme would not work. Instead, each time you finish a board, you are awarded Flow points, based on how well you solved it. When you solve a board perfectly, you get as much Flow as the minimum number of moves for that board. Your Flow is split into three - one counter for each difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard. The Flow system is very similar to an experience points system. You can compare your Flow points with your friends' via the upper-left button in the title screen.
2I am stuck on a hard board
Assuming you are still talking about the boards in Polymorph, have no worries! The upper-right button that resembles a light will give you options to undo all the moves at once or just get a new, fresh board. Please note that when selecting "New board", you will lose Flow (equal to the number of moves for the board you are discarding). Should this keep happening, you may always choose an easier difficulty setting.
3I hate ads
The ads that get displayed throughout our games support us and make sure that we keep the great stuff coming. If you'd like to get rid of them, you can tap the crossed Ads button in the top-right side of the title screen. A purchase confirmation window will show up.
Should you decide to buy the game: THANK YOU! You are awesome.


1I'm having difficulties with my payment
If you get a "payment successful" message upon buying the Ad remover but the game does not register it, please try restarting Polymorph. In case the purchase was actually successful, you will see a message about a previous purchase being picked up. If you're on iOS and have already purchased the Ad remover, you may recover the feature by tapping Restore Purchase.
2The game does not launch / Crashes after starting / Does not display properly
Polished games come at the cost of performance. That being said, your device might not have the minimum hardware requirements. Please make sure that your phone or tablet has at least:
1GB of RAM (512MB if you're on iOS)
480x800 screen resolution
In rare cases, the OS might just be acting weird. Try rebooting your device and starting the game up again. If problems persist, the game might not be supported by your hardware and/or OS flavour.



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