Subject guidelines

Please make sure you have read our FAQ page first, because it contains useful information that might help you out.
If you haven't found the answer send us a message including all the appropriate information based on your specific case.
Select Support from the Subject drop-down menu.
Always specify the application name.

1) Bug report:
A detailed description of the problem.
Steps to reproduce the problem.
Screen shots (if necessary). The screen shots should be uploaded to a file hosting service and linked in the message.

2) IAP (In App Purchase) related issue:
If you have been charged, but the app did not register your valid purchase, please specify the purchase information that you have received in your e-mail on checkout.
Job inquiries
Select Job inquiry from the Subject drop-down menu.
Your message should include:
Field of expertise (programming, graphics, sounds etc.)
List of tools you are familiar with depending on your field of expertise.
Links to your portfolio or past projects.
If your work is impressive, we'd love to hear from you! It's much easier for us to get in touch if you also supply an instant messaging handle. Skype or Facebook is preferred, although you could also go for Google Hangouts.
Publishing deals
Select Publishing deals from the Subject drop-down menu.
Your message should include:
A detailed Application description.
Demonstration screen shots and/or videos (uploaded on a file hosting service).
Make sure that the message's content properly presents your application.
Presskit-like formatting is encouraged, although not mandatory.
One thing to keep in mind is that we only publish for Android and iOS as of now.



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